YGT Team Building Activity Highlight Videos

Video Testimonials

In this activity some teams learned and performed magic tricks in the Magic Show, Some teams created a 30 second ‘TV commercial’ and presented it in between trick performances in the Magic Show.  Some teams were tasked with videotaping, taking photos and playing the role of faux celebrity judges. This customized approach helped create maximum participation and engagement.

This activity was held outdoors with no PowerPoint in a City of Toronto park picnic gazebo. Client feedback was this ‘informal’ approach helped foster greater connection and engagement between their team members.

In this activity 3 senior team members played the role of Judges (like on America’s Got Talent) to decide which team delivered the best performance and would be crowned Grand Magic Champion. This judging approach added fun and entertainment value as well as intensified the friendly competition of the Magic Show.

Sample of the Faux Celebrity Judging option in action. Clients include: Co-operators Insurance, Kraft Foods, Brinks Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Transportation