Secrets of Collaboration

team building image 1The Secrets of Collaboration Mindset

Most magicians work very hard to conceal their secrets. I’d like to share a few with you. Recently I consulted with past clients and fellow trainers and team builders to identify the steps that high performance teams follow to effectively work together and produce exceptional results. The result is my Secrets of Collaboration Mindset, which now serves as the core learning framework for my team building program.

For maximum results, please the Thumbs Up System with these tips.

LH - CURESC – Creativity – Permission to exercise creativity and innovation

U – Understand – Seek to understand and be better understood

R – Results – Execute to produce results

E – Express – Safely and openly express ideas

S – Success – Individual commitment to group success

CREATIVITY – Unrestricted Creativity & Innovation. Producing new solutions requires people to think creatively and innovation. Effective leaders encourage and reward new ways of thinking by giving team members permission to be creative and innovative.

UNDERSTAND – Seek to understand and be better understood. Take the initiative to ensure that you understand the needs of your audience and that the audience understands your message.  Take responsibility for effective communication.

RESULTS – Execute and produce results.The required skill set to implement strategy and decisions and take the necessary action to make it happen.

EXPRESS – The freedom to openly and safely express ideas. Fear of ridicule and failure stifles expression and participation. A high performance culture encourages and values participation and divergent views. It also encourages team members to actively and objectively listen without passing judgment.

SUCCESS – Personal commitment to group success. Each and every team member must be personally committed to helping the team achieve its goals.

Commitment is a three-step process:

Step 1 – Belief – Each team member must believe in and support the team goal.

Step 2 – Confidence – Each team member must have confidence in the team’s ability to achieve the goal.

Step 3 – Commitment to work as a team to achieve the goal.